Frequently asked questions

What is minimum order amount?

250 euro (excluding VAT) for your first order, no limitations on subsequent orders.

What is your shipping methods and charges?

We have different courier companies for that purpose. DPD for small orders and HRX for large orders. Delivery time may vary for different locations, but in most cases it takes 10 or less days. We offer free shipping for all orders over 250 euro (excluding VAT) to mainland Europe, UK and Ireland.

Where can I get prices for all levels?

Starter price can be found here. Higher level prices are private and available only for existing partners.

I'm going to distribute your goods further, do you have any item specifics?

Useful information may be found in our web catalog on if you are going to use e-commerce please note, that we have a recommended minimum retail price. We will provide it on your request.

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